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The new multi-faceted scenarios are constantly evolving and the increasing speed has led the necessity to expand the information system for the Nation and for the Companies that have to operate in this scenario.

The growing synergy between public and private world and the exchange of information between the two is now essential to prevent future risk.

In a development perspective of safety culture and intelligence, it has been tried to create what is called “intelligence fusion” that is an aggregation of centers that deal with issues concerning the risk.


The methodology works like a cycle. It has the function to exploit the strengths of both sides (private and public).

The early stages “definition of objectives” and “threat analysis” are managed by security managers and analysts who perform a risk analysis trying to analyze the phenomenon and to predict it in the future.

The subsequent steps are supported by the work of “reinforcement analysis” that monitors the phenomenon and communicate the developments to the security operators in order to supplement or amend the counter measures.



From this point of view, we created an aggregation model with actors who for years dealing with the Company Security and protection of critical infrastructures in order to combine the operations and the professionalism of the Security Company with the ability to study the phenomena of a Centre Studies. This aim gave rise to the Project Aggregation.

The different components in the system allow to tie together the ability to analyze phenomena and the ability of a company to operate. It has been developed a methodology for the safety of the public and private entities.

Case Study

It’s possible to observe an example of this methodology about risk analysis and safety design on “use pavilion EXPO2015”.

Research & Development

The main part of the project it will be the expert opinion and the new phenomena to improve their work.

Right from the beginning the goal of the Alpha Institute was to improve security methods to ensure continuity between academia and private world.


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