The combined effect of Brexit and COVID-19 will be likely a watershed in the United Kingdom. The country is in the spotlight among its international counterparts and analysts who are concerned on how and if the country will overcome its challenges. One of the aspects that is drawing attention concerns the environmental policy. As a matter of fact, the pandemic brought a renewed interest towards the environment and the policies governments put in place to protect it, above all the ecological transition and decarbonization processes. The ecological transition and the shifting towards a green economy, is one of the primary interests of policy makers, particularly in the UK, though was not at the core of the political debate during the referendum campaign in 2016.

We identified four historical stages on the evolution of the British environmental policy and its relations with EU: (i) starting from the 70s and with the “Europeanization” process of the UK, (ii) the Thatcher government and the “free market” approach, (iii) the commitment to Maastricht Treaty in the early 90s until the 2000s with the (iv) Climate Change Act.

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