On August 13, 2020, Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) agreed to a peace agreement called the Abraham Deal.  Israel had already signed peace agreements in 1979 with Egypt and in 1994 with Jordan. Those previous agreements followed wars, so they were related more to achieve a political peace than to pursue true relations between the populations of the countries. This deal, which now involves Bahrain, Sudan and United Arab Emirates, is only the framwework of a more developed and comprehensive set of deals of cooperation in security, business, tourism, travel, science and so much more. It’s much more than opening an embassy, which is also an amazing goal. For Israel it means the beginning of a new era in which the Gulf and Israel will actively cooperate not only at a political and diplomatic level but also at a more basic level, with the youngest generation fully committed to open new businesses and exchange know how. The Abraham deal does not present itself in the form of a cold peace, it’s not a military nor a security agreement, it is a peace agreement for millennials, and for normal people and it is informed by a very socio-economic-centric perspective.

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